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GAST is an independent eyewear brand based in Milan, driven by the mission to provide high-quality handmade optical and sunglasses that defy market standards and make high-end designs accessible. Each GAST frame carries a vision of diverse cultures and colors converging in the same space. Crafted by hand, GAST sunglasses use cellulose acetate sourced from top suppliers like the Italian company Mazzucchelli. The production process involves over 50 meticulously executed steps by skilled artisans overseeing the entire journey, from cutting acetate sheets to the final polishing stage. A segment of the GAST collection is handcrafted using M49 bio-plastic, a new eco-friendly thermoplastic material that aligns with evolving environmental needs. Tested and declared completely biodegradable and recyclable. GAST invites you to follow its journey, where new emotions are encapsulated in an unconventional urban brand.

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