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Digital Evolution 4.0

Internationalization and promotion of Made in Italy in Southeast Asian countries and Japan, FDI USA certification for medical devices, cohesion and development of the reference supply chain at both local and national levels.

Advanced digitalization of data management processes: AUGMENTED REALITY, customer service via Engine Virtual Try On, and CYBER SECURITY: VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL integration of ERP software based on Odoo CLOUD.

EYEOO operates in the multibrand retail sector for eyewear products, focusing on the sale of Made in Italy glasses and technological services for opticians. The project aims to invest in the advanced digitalization of data entry processes, using augmented reality to enhance customer service through the Engine Virtual Try On and ensuring cybersecurity with vertical and horizontal integration of ERP software based on Odoo Cloud. The goals include internationalizing the brands, obtaining certifications to facilitate exports, transitioning to omnichannel to shorten the data exchange supply chain between supplier and consumer, and digitalizing the upstream and downstream supply chain to expand the range of products available to opticians and simplify the search and booking process for customers.

EYEOO aims to become a point of reference in the optical sector by creating an integrated digital platform with the management systems of retail points. It will offer a SaaS service of a substantial digitized product database and manage seasonal novelties for affiliates. The objective is to shorten the supply chain to make product data available in both B2C and B2B modes, highlighting the quality of Made in Italy products and the originality of the glasses supplied by independent manufacturers. EYEOO will centralize the registries and inventories, facilitating the connection to the most widespread management system in the optical field to increase customer engagement and sell directly to target consumers.

DURATION: 1 year

Granted Contribution: € 114,486.75

The project is realized thanks to the European Funds of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

POR FESR 2021/2027 ACTION 1.2.3
Support for the digitalization of companies, including system actions for digital transformation.




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