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Jacques Marie Mage

Step into a world of unparalleled sophistication with Jacques Marie Mage's artisanal eyewear, brought to you directly from the heart of Los Angeles. From the stylish classics like Dealan, Molino, Zephirin, Ives, and Torino, to the exclusive creations of the Titanium Series and Evangelie Smyrniotaki By JMM. We've curated an exclusive selection of their statement pieces, each embodying a unique fusion of next-gen technology and world-class craftsmanship.

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Jacques Marie Mage's limited-edition Titanium Series eyewear is a perfect marriage of solid build and ultimate comfort. Crafted meticulously in their Japanese atelier, these pieces incorporate only the finest Japanese acetate and 100% beta titanium - a superior alloy recognized for its high tensile strength and impressive corrosion resistance. Lightweight yet durable, hypoallergenic, and seemingly unlimited in its potential for forming exquisite, steadfast designs. Japan's reputation for producing the world's purest acetate and titanium sheets is no coincidence. It is a testament to their commitment to supreme quality, a commitment Jacques Marie Mage shares as they partner with the country's top manufacturers. The creation of a single frame is an intricate ballet of over 300 production steps - pressing, welding, polishing - and requires nearly 5 months to perfect. The end product? Uniquely designed spectacles that are not only lightweight and remarkably durable but also an eloquent homage to craftsmanship and innovation.


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Jacques Marie Mage Glasses & Sunglasses

If you prefer bold, statement eyewear that captures your unique flair for fashion then Jacques Marie Mage is the designer you have been looking for. A leader in artisanal eyewear, French Designer Jerome Jacques Marie Mage blends quintessential classics with a grandiose edge.

Highly sought after worldwide, Eye-oo is proud to be a stockist of this exceptional brand and their small-batch collections. Find and purchase your longed for Jacques Marie Mage eyeglasses with us today and experience the curated approach to fashion that only JMM can provide.


Who is Jacques Marie Mage?

Jacques Marie Mage crafts exquisite limited edition eyewear that fuses historical motifs with precious materials in unconventional geometric shapes. Journey through history and beyond with designs incorporating elements of Art Deco, the American West, the French First Empire, Japanese Takumi and more. Each piece of Jacques Marie Mage eyewear is a piece of precious fashion history in itself.

The mission behind JMM is to create experiences through fashion that elevate the senses in a rare and unprecedented way. This approach caters to luxury connoisseurs seeking exclusivity and an immersive approach to fashion. The Los Angeles based brand specializes in micro-production of artisanal spectacles, employing advanced production methods and world-class craftsmanship with an unparalleled storytelling approach.

JMM draws inspiration from diverse cultures, continents and generations, resulting in powerfully playful, idiosyncratic and sophisticated statement pieces.


Designer Eyewear Done Differently

Define your eye-catching style. Discover JIM's iconic models, including Dealan, Molino, and Zephirin, along with limited edition and exclusive collections like Evangelie Smyrniotaki By JMM. Shop a curated selection of Jacques Marie Mage originals, including Donohu, Ringo, Stellar, and more.

Wonderfully idiosyncratic, Jacques Marie Mage’s sunglasses and eyeglass design language pays homage to history, craft and technical innovation, ultimately creating small-batch goods that push the aesthetic into the future. This small batch, slow fashion approach sets Jacques Marie Mage apart as a leader in responsible fashion with a focus on ethical practices that support sustainability.

Select from artfully designed mens glasses, womens glasses and unisex designs that serve to enhance your own unique approach to fashion. With both eyeglasses and sunglasses available, there is sure to be a perfect pair of Jacques Marie Mage glasses to suit your needs.


Quality Without Compromise

Designed in Los Angeles and manufactured by hand by Japanese ateliers, Jacques Marie Mage eyewear is a labor of love. Over one hundred hands are involved in the creation of each piece from conception to completion with each item delivering both exceptional functionality alongside impressive aesthetic details.

All Jacques Marie Mage products undergo rigorous quality-control, including a final twenty-point measurement test to ensure fit specifications and detail finishes meet the Maison's standards. Crafted with the highest level of manufacturing prowess, JMM products are built to last a lifetime and never lose their appeal.

Shop the range today with Eye-oo and experience these rare and collectible spectacles by Jacques Marie Mage. We guarantee you’ll fall in love with their unique and exquisite beauty.


Luxury Shopping Simplified

At Eye-oo buying Jacques Marie Mage eyewear online is both easy and risk-free. We recognise the investment your purchase of Jacques Marie Mage eyeglasses or sunglasses represents and work to deliver a seamless service.

Always offering the latest from Jacques Marie Mage we ensure a truly luxurious shopping experience from start to finish. We proudly offer a curated range of exclusive Jacques Marie Mage, high-quality glasses for men and women. With delivery available worldwide and every order inspected for quality assurance, you can enjoy wearing your chosen Jacques Marie Mage eyeglasses or sunglasses sooner than ever.

To further enhance your online shopping experience with us, we allow for returns of unworn Jacques Marie Mage glasses within 14 days so long as they remain in their original packaging and are undamaged (Jacques Marie Mage sales items excluded). Experience the luxury and fun of wearing Jacques Marie Mage eyewear for yourself, shop Eye-oo’s exceptional range today.

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If you prefer bold, statement eyewear that captures your unique flair for fashion then Jacques Marie Mage is the designer you have been looking for. A leader in artisanal eyewear, French Designer Jerome Jacques Marie Mage blends quintessential classics with a grandiose edge. Show more ↓

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