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This cookie policy explains how our organization uses the personal data it collects from its users through cookies, during the use of the site, under the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Italian data protection laws, and the guidelines of the Italian Supervisory Authority.

Data Controller:

The Data Controller of your personal data is Eyeoo S.r.l. - via De’ Musei 4, 40124 Bologna (BO) - Italy - VAT and Tax Code IT03799111202. The Data Controller is hereinafter also referred to as "eye-oo" or "we".

We invite you to read our cookie policy and our privacy policy carefully, in order to get all the information about our personal data protection policies. For further details, queries, and questions about the processing of your personal data, please write at any time to our Customer Service, using the email address

This website uses cookies from the Data Controller and third parties to ensure proper functioning and guarantee the provided services. To view the installed cookies, their categories, and to manage consent for their installation, please refer to the cookie management and information banner by clicking the link in the footer on all pages.

According to the law, we can store cookies on your device if they are strictly necessary for the operation of this site. For all other types of cookies, we require your permission.


  • What are cookies?
  • How do we use cookies?
  • What types of cookies do we use?
  • How to manage cookies
  • Third-party policies
  • How to contact us

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files created in your device's browser when you visit websites. They are stored and transmitted back to the same sites on subsequent visits. First-party technical cookies enable the site to function efficiently and enhance its performance. Cookies serve various purposes, have different characteristics, and can be used by both the site owner and third parties.

Below you will find all the information about the cookies installed through this site, along with instructions on how to manage your preferences regarding them.

For more information about cookies and their general functions, we invite you to visit informational websites such as: or

How do we use cookies? uses cookies to offer you the best browsing experience on our site, to personalize your session, remember your preferences and previous choices, and collect information to improve our product. Each cookie has a specific function and allows, for example, to:
  • log in and maintain your session
  • understand how you interact with the site, to optimize sessions
  • remember your social media settings

Some cookies are installed by third parties to provide features included on our pages. Analytical cookies, which may be first or third party, are installed for statistical purposes, to collect information about the use of the website.

In particular, they are useful for analyzing site accesses or visits and allowing the Data Controller to improve its structure, navigation logic, and content.

The information collected (including the anonymized IP address) is used for statistical analysis, to enhance the site usage experience and potentially to make the content more interesting and relevant to the user's desires. Analytical cookies are not necessary for the functioning of the website; however, since the IP address is anonymized, the installation of these cookies does not require the user's consent.

What types of cookies do we use?

Technical cookies: These are cookies related to activities strictly necessary for the operation of the sites and the provision of the service. They do not require consent and are automatically installed upon accessing the site. These necessary cookies track your cookie preferences, support the payment service provider, and include all cookies installed by Shopify Inc., the provider of the e-commerce platform on which the site is based.

Service Name Description Duration Purpose
Consentmo GDPR cookieconsent_preferences_disabled Associated with the GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management app - used to store customer consent Persistent Functional
Consentmo GDPR cookieconsent_status Associated with the GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management app - used to store customer consent Persistent Functional
Localization locale_bar_accepted Saves visitor localization preferences Session Functional
PayPal enforce_policy Stores privacy preferences 1 year Functional
PayPal l7_az Necessary for the login function on the PayPal site 30 minutes Functional
PayPal l7_svc Necessary for transactions on the site 30 minutes Functional
PayPal LANG Stores language preferences 8 hours 46 minutes Functional
PayPal nsid Provides fraud prevention Session Functional
PayPal SessionID Stores the SessionID 1 year Functional
PayPal ts Provides fraud prevention 3 years Functional
PayPal ts_c Provides fraud prevention 3 years Functional
PayPal tsrce Facilitates login on the site to complete a transaction 3 days Functional
PayPal x-csrf-jwt Enables the payment service on the PayPal site 7 days Functional
PayPal x-pp-s Issued when a payment is made via PayPal Session Functional
Shopify multipli You can find the complete and updated list of necessary cookies for the platform in the Shopify cookie policy, "Merchant storefronts" section, which you can consult by visiting this page. Functional

Analytics Cookies: These are cookies that allow us to process data for strictly statistical purposes regarding browsing behaviors on the site and the sources of traffic.

Service Name Description Duration Purpose
Google Analytics _ga Stores and counts page views 1 year Functional
Google Analytics _ga_* Stores and counts page views 1 year Functional
Google Analytics _gat Reads and filters bots 1 minute Functional
Google Analytics _gcl_au Conversion Linker for tracking conversions Persistent Functional
Google Analytics _gid Stores and counts page views 1 day Functional

Google allows users to opt out of data collection by Google Analytics. If you wish, you can install a browser add-on that disables the Google Analytics JavaScript code.

Cookies that require consent: All cookies other than the technical and analytical ones mentioned above are installed or activated only after the user's explicit consent, the first time they visit the site. Consent can be expressed generally, by interacting with the short informational banner on the landing page of the site, according to the methods outlined in that banner (by clicking on the OK button or the "X" button); or consent can be provided or denied selectively, according to the methods indicated below.

This consent is recorded for subsequent visits. However, the user always has the opportunity to revoke, wholly or in part, the consent already given.

Service Name Description Duration Purpose
Facebook _fbp Stores and tracks visits across websites 3 months Marketing
Klaviyo __kla_id Tracks and identifies site visitors using a self-generated ID 2 years Marketing
Pinterest _derived_epik Initialized by the Pinterest tag when a match is identified in the absence of cookies, such as Advanced Matching 1 year Marketing
Pinterest _pin_unauth Stores the user's usage history 1 year Marketing

How to manage cookie preferences from your browser

Remember that you can also manage your cookie preferences through your browser. If you do not know the type and version of the browser you are using, click "Help" in the browser window. If you do know your browser, follow the link for more information on the most commonly used ones:

How to manage cookies on Internet Explorer
How to manage cookies on Apple Safari
How to manage cookies on Google Chrome
How to manage cookies on Firefox

For other browsers and/or operating systems, we recommend consulting the relevant documentation.

Third-party policies

Some cookies are managed by third parties, according to their own policies. For more information on how to manage your third-party cookie preferences, we invite you to visit the site YourOnlineChoices. By accessing the "Your choices" area, you can view the list of third-party companies that install cookies (Company); check the presence and activity status of the installed cookie (Status) and manage consent selectively (On/Off).

By expanding the section dedicated to each company (Info), you can access more detailed information about the company and reach the specific privacy and cookie policy.

How to contact us

For further information, queries, and questions about cookies, how to manage them, and how to delete cookies and similar technologies from your browser, please write to us at any time at our Customer Service using the email address

Last updated: May 13, 2024

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